You can’t quite put your finger on the feeling there is something more out there, but you keep self-sabotaging in the form of procrastination or overwhelm and frustration.

You want more from your life:

• More answers
• More from your relationships
• More from yourself...

How can I help? Well, that's exactly what I do.

I’m Mandy Beverley and my mission in life is to help you find your purpose, vision or at the very least the blocks and story that are keeping you from them, so you can be inspired, begin to fulfill your potential and have the relationships you want in life and business.

I’ve spent thousands of hours with hundreds of clients helping them to reconnect to that essence that is ever present but just a little ignored and under valued. That part of you that is special, unique and magnificent.

I love awakening that essential part of you so that it’s fully integrated in all areas of your life. I help you find your internal cheerleader again, that part that wants to shine your light, inspire and be inspired.

Through my flagship programme I help business owners, entrepreneurs and people wanting more from their lives, get practical, actionable information and strategies through my one on one coaching/consulting or small group workshops.

You can apply these strategies to any area of your life. Set yourself free from old stories that are keeping you stuck in your romantic, financial, physical or vocational lives. 

Imagine taking the problems, conflicts, blocks, and pain in your life and finally dissolving it and seeing that what was in the way is actually on the way. My clients  have more appreciation, gratitude and certainty and presence in their lives.


As a former Registered Nurse trained in the ‘old school’ way of nursing she grew up fast. After nursing Mandy went on to travel around the world as a flight attendant…and yes she did marry a pilot. They lived overseas for many years in Hong Kong and their 3 children were born there.

Mandy’s never forgotten the early lessons she learned in nursing. The tough conversations, the devastating surgeries, preparing people for unknown outcomes,  seeing the power of the human will and spirit shining through in the toughest of times. Viewing life through a compassionate but practical lens was at times challenging. 

Seeing people at their weakest moments, where there was no pretense just authenticity and grace, sent Mandy on a quest to know more about human behaviour and human potential, and the beliefs through which we filter and live our lives. This culminated in studying with Dr. John Demartini and the Demartini institute, and certifying in the Demartini Method®. She now sees clients in many countries around the world, where she helps people build a bigger paradigm for their lives, transform their thinking and awaken to their potential. Taking this knowledge back into businesses or homes has created a more aligned and inspired space to create and live from.

On a personal note, Mandy loves travelling, spending time with her family and friends, real estate, is somewhat addicted to interior design magazines, loves the energy and scenery of Queenstown, and also the odd glass or two of New Zealand chardonnay or Pinot Noir.