Sitting within us is infinite power and potential... It's time to unlock it.


This is a powerful and transformational one day workshop.

During this day we introduce you to a scientific method of transformation that has been used around the world to change perceptions, increase communication, gain clarity and uncover blocks that are keeping you stuck.


If you have ever wanted to play a bigger game in life then knowing what's in the way and having the knowledge of how to interpret the events in your life is vital. You can apply what you learn to any challenging situation. Just imagine no longer being held back by old stories and perceptions. Imagine having a method that empowers you on your this wonderful journey called life.

This day is a real investment in you. It really is time to dissolve the baggage or 'bags of age' - those things in the background that weigh on your mind. It's time to tell your remarkable story!

Clear the block the stress and the struggles. Dissolve your biggest challenge. Begin to own your greatness as well as your smallness. Let's clear the path to glimpse the real you.


Integrate your energy to play a much bigger game no longer being held back by dis-empowering stories. The only way to access your inspiration is to integrate your instinct and intuition. Learn how to play the real game of life.


The Details:

Where: TBC Auckland

When: Friday 16 September 2016

Time: 9am- 5.30pm

Price - $397 per person

(If you have attended this event before enquire about our refresher price)


What's included?

Morning and afternoon tea/coffee provided

Lunch is included

Workbooks are provided.

Come dressed comfortably for a great day.

High level information to enable you to play a bigger game and to stop the story that is keeping you stuck.



What's do I do next?

1. Confirm your seat - it's a small group and seating is limited.

2. Make payment via Eventbrite for bank a/c or credit cards payment. When payment is made...

3. We will send a little pre-work to be completed before the event to ensure you get the most out of your day.

If you have any questions please contact or call 021 875 131


"This day helped me become more accountable to myself about emotions that have been buried over the years and the fears that go with them. This process helped me identify and free my deep held fears and perceptions. Although the day itself is remarkable it's still ongoing 2 weeks after the event, which has proved even more remarkable. Anger, fear and guilt really limits our progress in life. Thank you for helping me free them. My gratitude and love."

CM, attendee


“I knew I was going to get great results at Mandy’s workshop but I wasn’t sure of the process. I was pleased in a way that it wasn’t a ‘bare your soul’ situation but rather an intense but relaxing day where we worked almost independently ( in a group setting) with Mandy’s gently and wise support and guidance.

What an amazing workshop with Mandy Beverley. Big breakthroughs and letting go of people or events that were holding us back.”

Nat, attendee

"Prior to this workshop I hadn't spoken properly to my ex husband for 10 years. We usually had civil, short and clipped conversations that were uncomfortable. Since the workshop we have been able to be present when our son graduated from university. Seeing his face seeing us relaxed in each other's company still brings tears to my eyes. It has removed so much angst. The only thing I did differently was do the workshop. My heartfelt thanks for facilitating this Mandy!"

KO, Attendee


"I came today with a heavy feeling ...."my life feels like a mess and I am a failure feeling". I am leaving the workshop feeling light, excited and happy and wanting to get home and organise my way forward."

PK, attendee

If you have any questions please contact or call 021 875 131