When I did my first workshop I hadn’t spoken properly to my ex husband for 10years.

We were able to discuss things that were absolutely necessary regarding our children in civil, short, clipped conversations. It was always uncomfortable.

After completing the workshop (which he knew nothing about) things changed dramatically!
About 2 or 3 weeks after the workshop, our youngest son was graduating from university and he only had two tickets, one for his father and one for myself.
On the way I decided to text my ex-husband and suggest we sit together, after all he was our son, a wonderful result of our 17year marriage.
He said OK.

Well, we sat for 2 hours prior to the ceremony beginning. Talking and laughing in a relaxed way as you would with a good friend. No jabs or innuendos, just great conversation. It was very special to see our son graduate and be there for him without any animosity.
After the ceremony finished we met up with our son. He could see how relaxed we were together. The look of joy on his face still brings tears to my eyes even as I write this.
After we had lovely relaxed photos taken, the three of us had a fabulous afternoon together.

Since then we have shared family dinners, he has joined our family on Christmas day for drinks and socalising.
We can now talk at any time, not only about our sons but about ourselves as well. We have a genuine caring for each other again.

I still love him as a person and the father of my boys ~ and that is so special!
And I am so very grateful that I spent 17 years with him.

Nothing changed apart from me doing the workshop!

My heartfelt thanks to Mandy for facilitating this!

— Karen
The session on my father helped me become more accountable to myself about emotions that have been buried over the years and the fears that go with them.
When one gets older life experiences can submerge one in a long lonely road if we allow them to. My health had become submerged under these fears and emotional up-heavel, and that is when I became aware that the process helped me identify and then freed up, and kept freeing up deep held fears.
Although the day itself is remarkable and it is the still ongoing 2 weeks after the event, that has proved even more remarkable. Anger fear and guilt really limits our progress in life.
My gratitude and Love