Mandy has successfully applied her expertise to hundreds of clients who have improved their health, wealth, career, and life.  She has guided them through their transformations and supported their desires to achieve total wellness.


“I came today with a heavy ‘my life is a mess, I am a failure’ feeling and am leaving feeling light, excited and happy, wanting to get home and organise my way forward”.
— PK
“Thank you for a very interesting day of learning. Quite a Mind Blowing Experience. Thank you”
— Jill H
Loved it Mandy. Big breakthrough for me that I was not expecting. Leaving feeling much more at peace.
— Carly
Before the workshop I was confused, angry and not happy. Now I am clearer in my mind . I feel like I can breathe.
“Before I attended the event I was not communicating well with my husband and we were repeatedly coming up against the same frustrations. But working through the workshop has given me an insight as to why this was occuring, and has helped me work through these situations positively.

Our relationship is much happier now, and I have also used some of the things I learned to respond and interact more positively and constructively with my children”.
— Susie C

“I knew I was going to get great results at Mandy’s workshop but I wasn’t sure of the process. I was pleased in a way that it wasn’t a ‘bare your soul’ situation but rather an intense but relaxing day where we worked almost independently ( in a group setting) with Mandy’s gently and wise support and guidance.

What an amazing workshop with Mandy Beverley. Big breakthroughs and letting go of people or events that were holding us back.”
— Nat C-W
I found Mandy Beverley very professional, welcoming and knowledgable. The information provided will be of great value for my continuing journey and will add to my toolbox. Thank you. I would highly recommend everyone take this opportunity.
— Bonny
There I was powerfully and with certainty claiming, visualizing and manifesting my goals, as I have done so many times for so very long. I was contemplating, what areas of life I struggle with the most. Sadly it seemed like it was all of them. I was a single mother who made very little money, overweight, tired, no joy or passion to speak of and just going through the daily motions to survive. Then one day I opened my email and there was a message that struck me as profound. It said; “Some people will live 99 years, but most people live one year 99 times.”

That message stuck with me all day… I had been living the same year over and over and over expecting different results so long. So in that eureka moment I did what would completely change my life forever.

I made the decision to start some clearing work with a marvelous Demartini Facilitator and very good friend Mandy Beverley. Here I was a few weeks after turning forty, I felt frightened yet at the same time hugely determined to change. I was tired of leeching my power away and made a choice to get to the bottom of it.

Believe me after a few sessions with Mandy you will see a whole new perspective of each experience that has held you back that you would never have considered. Now because of the magic of this scientific method I can see where all of my pastexperiences balance, and in actual fact gave me gifts. I no longer run some of my stories or have removed some labels on myself. Nice isn’t it! I have had numerous sessions with Mandy and each one is magical and amazing. Talk about eye opening, aha, wholly shit moments! Most of all, I got out of my own way and have been making things happen and work in my life. I can now see the opportunities that were there all along but my stuck story was clouding them. The most important part is how free I feel. It really did feel like I was lugging bags of sand around and after about our third session it literally felt like someone pulled them off. I can’t thank Mandy enough for giving me back ‘me’. It’s one of the most powerful life changing modalities I have ever been so graced to use.
— M. Osgood
One year ago I sustained a mild/moderate traumatic brain injury (MTBI) following a car accident. Since then I have struggled with many symptoms including lack of focus and concentration, headaches, memory retention, short-term memory problems and mood swings to name just a few. I have also been diagnosed with anxiety and depression following the accident.

With Mandy’s expertise, help and patience, she has helped me face and understand my fears of ‘losing control’, been able to view ‘benefits’ to the restrictions I have been going through.

She has been able to help transform the way I look at my life and has shown me skills to de-stress and improve my life experiences. The way I view challenges in my life has changed dramatically. Where once I viewed things with a ‘poor me’ attitude, now I am grateful for the challenges I have faced. What I once deemed as obstacles I now view as opportunities.

I now face life with a new found confidence to be who I want to be and not who I once settled for. Without Mandy’s guidance and assistance I would still be stuck in a very large rut.
— Pam S