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Mind Spa - The Inner Beauty Series - Half Day Anti-Aging Solutions #3


The Inner Beauty Series

We offer you events that bring you more moments of appreciation, gratitude and inspiration. We consider these to be the essential components to mastering the inner game of anti- aging. 

Repairing or exfoliating our mind and allowing it to turn over quickly and transform events is as important as looking after our skin. Old beliefs can settle in and age us as much, if not more than, the slowing turnover of our skin cells.  Our minds and our perceptions can age us quicker than any outside influence.

MIND SPA - Moving past grief and loss - Sat July 16 2016 - 1pm - 6pm


MIND SPA - Moving On

Sat July 16 2016 1pm - 6pm

  • Are you finding it hard to move forward from grief and loss of a loved one, a job, a relationship or money?
  • Are you finding it hard to regain your equilibrium after traumatic events in your life.

At this workshop event we will be helping you move past these events in your life and help you gain back your equilibrium.  You will see where you have been supported all along. You will also have realisations and 'aha' moments that will begin to transform your mind and help you to anti- age from the inside out and for this day in particular, help you to begin to feel alive again.

Space is limited to 8 people only.

Price : $127

Contact   or go to  and book your place on this half day Mind Spa event.